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Industrial Leak Detection
14April 2014

Industrial Leak Detection

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Our Industrial Leak Detection team specialise in finding leaks in Industrial properties nationwide, saving businesses thousands of money by finding their leaks. Leaks can cause very high water bills in industrial properties and we have been known to reduce water consumption by half.

Industrial Leak Detection is a NON-DESTRUCTIVE solution to finding leaks, causing minimal disruption to your business and preventing shutdowns.

Our Industrial Leak Detection engineers use the most modern leak detection equipment available to include thermal imaging, acoustic profiling and tracer gas to accurately locate leaks. We pride ourselves on being 'The Best in Industrial Leak Detection' in the industry and have a 99% success rate in locating leaks.

Delaying booking a Industrial leak detection engineer to find your leak will only let the problem escalate causing more damage to your business. Call our Commercial Leak Detection team now for a free no obligation quote Tel: 0344 809 4968.


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